Riparian Restoration

An extensive number of riparian revegetation projects have been undertaken along many waterways throughout the catchment under the guidance of Maroochy Waterwatch.  Through this on ground work, there is now a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the group on local native species identification and propagation as well as the best practice stream bank revegetation for local conditions.

Streambank revegetation work has been carried out along all creeks over the last 20 years with extensive projects in Petrie, Paynter, Eudlo and Martin’s Creek, along with revegetation trials along Echidna and Bunya Creeks.  Some estuarine restoration works are now being considered due to the demise of the cane industry and suitable nursery stock now available and a large scale project on the confluence of the North and South Maroochy Rivers has been undetaken since March 2016.

Before a project gets underway, time is spent with landowners to determine ability to manage the project, time constraints and any other issues that may lessen the success of the project.  Funding is sourced to meet the needs.

riparian revegetationriparian revegetation







Landowner support is available on request and is proudly supported by the Sunshine Coast Council’s grant program.