If you value the environment we live in. If you believe that working together, people have a voice, and an ability to create changes in the way we all view and treat our own “patch” of planet Earth.

Then joining and/or volunteering your time for an organisation that is pro-active in its focus towards creating greater public awareness of the need for an appreciation and reverence for our natural resources, all of them- from the waterways around us to the flora and fauna that depend on them for their very lives, is a wonderful way to become involved in practical projects that are long-lasting and are of benefit to all life now, and future generations – All of us, ourselves, our wonderful unique wildlife, plant life, and the habitats that we all depend on for our continued existence and well-being, because we are all connected in that we, all of us, only have one habitat… Planet Earth.

There are many ways to be involved with us

Outdoors help such as:

  • Rubbish clearing in our lovely rivers with RiverPatrol
  • Water testing in the local creeks
  • Involvement with diverse projects such as frog surveys and platypus monitoring

Office – help is occasionally needed with:

  • General shed and maintenance work
  • Computer data input
  • Project data recording
  • General duties such as helping to keep the office area organised and tidy

Volunteering your time is a gift from you, and the gift you receive in return is the knowledge that you are making a difference, you are having a positive effect on what is happening in your personal environment, as well as the overall improvement and maintenance of our natural resources in general…

Whatever help is given, in whatever area, is well appreciated, and is effective towards keeping our environmental/conservation organisations working to the greater good of all…

Volunteers are now coordinated through our main site at ECOllaboration. Volunteer details will be stored in our database and contacted as opportunities arise.

To register your interest, please go to: https://ecollaboration.org.au/volunteer


A tax deductible donation will help our organisation protect and improve the water quality and biodiversity of our creeks and rivers for all the life that depends on them. The work we do with local landowners, schools and other organisations helps ensure this will be sustainable into the future.

To donate:

Ecollaboration Public Fund
BSB: 638-010
Account: 14106280

To receive a receipt, please email your details to admin [at] ecollaboration [dot] org [dot] au