maroochy catchment

Maroochy Waterwatch is a community based organisation engaged in the protection and enhancement of the Maroochy River catchment and region.

 Maroochy Waterwatch is involved in many strategic planning activities for the broader Maroochy River issues and has a strong volunteer workforce actively improving the health of the River and surrounds.

 Our team of scientists, land managers and environmental educators deliver environmental programs including:

  • ambient and event based water and air monitoring,
  • flora and fauna surveys,
  • litter management,
  • aquatic and terrestrial weed biocontrols,
  • school and community environmental education,
  • curriculum resource development
  • ECO Safaris
  • ecological restoration activities
  • project management and
  • volunteer management

 Our people programs include:

  • Traineeships and industry placement in conservation, horticulture and business administration
  • University and TAFE internships
  • Volunteering in environmental programs or business administration

 Environmental group administration services include:

  • Accounts, payroll and financial reporting
  • Governance support
  • Grant and tender writing
  • Grant auspicing

 Maroochy Waterwatch operates three commercial entities being Maroochy Catchment Services, the Coolum Community Native Nursery and ECOllaboration. The organisation also operates the Sunshine Coast Qld Sustainable Schools Initiative.

 We have ethical, accountable and transparent decision-making, effective business management, strong financial management and a commitment to safe work practices. The workforce of employees and volunteers are highly skilled, engaged and valued.