Who Is Maroochy Catchment Services

maroochy catchment services
Maroochy Catchment Services (MCS) is a commercial enterprise of Maroochy Waterwatch Inc. It draws its knowledge and experience from on-ground works provided for the association over the last decade. This service has been set up for the purpose of providing a quality environmental consultancy in order to help fund future projects for the improvement Maroochy River catchment.

Over the last 5 years there has been an increase in demand for consultancy services from landholders, developers, projects and various government bodies. In 2005, Maroochy Catchment Services was set up as a contracting arm of Maroochy Waterwatch to support this growing need. Click on this link for MCS Capability Statement. https://www.maroochycatchmentcentre.org.au/catchment/catchment/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/MCS-Capability-Statement-Final-Feb-11.pdf

Our Work

Vegetation Works

  • Creek and Property Revegetation and Rehabilitation
  • Property Consultation
  • Weed Control
  • Vegetation Buffers
  • Erosion Control

The size of project can vary from a small backyard weed control project to large scale, landscape change projects.

Fauna Surveys

  • Frog
  • Small mammal

Water Testing
• Ambient Level 1 (pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Salinity, Temperature, Turbidity)
• Data logged monitoring
• Event monitoring with rising stage and automated samplers and grab samples
• Nutrients
• Pesticides and Herbicides
• Human Health

The Team

Vegetation Works

Currently we have 2 Senior Natural Resource Managers who market the vegetation service, quote on projects and coordinate the on-ground works. The managers have tertiary qualifications in environmental studies and have over 25 years combined experience.

The work teams consist of suitably qualified and experienced Field Supervisors and Field Officers with horticulture or conservation qualifications.

Our ‘Caring for Country Crew’ are qualified and experienced indigenous people who are able to undertake revegetation projects that are culturally significant or require indigenous involvement.

Fauna Surveys

Our Biodiversity Officer has tertiary qualifications and has been undertaking fauna monitoring projects since 2003. The fauna monitoring team consist of suitably qualified personel who have animal ethics as a driving factor when undertaking fauna monitoring projects.

Water Testing

With almost 15 years of water testing experience and local knowledge on the issues in relation to water quality, we have the ability to undertake suitable assessments based on your requirements. Historical water quality data is available on request.

Equipment used depends on the methodology and is carefully maintained with QA/QC procedures in place to ensure data accuracy.

Licences/permits held are:

  • Ground Distribution Contactor Licence (Maroochy Waterwatch)
  • Animal Ethics Approval (Maroochy Waterwatch)
  • Agricultural Chemical Distribution Control certificates (Maroochy Waterwatch and Individuals)
  • Level 1 and 2 Chainsaw Licence (Individuals)
  • Senior First Aid (Individuals)
  • Construction Blue Card (Individuals)


We have an ethic and commitment to support the local environment and local economy. As such we try to use local products wherever possible. For revegetation projects, only locally sourced plants grown from locally sourced seed are used. Plants will generally be sourced where possible from community nurseries thus supporting community groups supporting the environment.

Who are our clients

Sunshine Coast Regional Council
Place Design Group
Cominsky Group
Anembo Consultants
Coolum Coastcare
Napier and Associates
John Vissor and Associates
Gormet Garden
Downes Survey Group (carbon credit offset)