Litter in a river is a visual symptom of a catchment in need. Being located in a populated catchment, the Maroochy River has a high litter problem. The River Patrol is a group of volunteers who cheerfully remove the litter from the banks of the navigable part of the river and provide advice to users of the river. For over 3 years this group has operated in partnership with Maroochy Waterwatch. The boat is housed at the Maroochy River Resort free of charge at the current time, however redevelopment plans may see the need to move. A suitable location has not been sourced.

The River Patrol has been an essential part of SCRC mangrove projects by providing boat assistance and keeping an eye on the propagation facility.

The boat operation is funded by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and a new motor was purchased in 2010 thanks to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and SEQ Catchments.

river patrol