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Maroochydore Beach Community Planting Day 23rd November

Click here to view the details for the Maroochydore Beach Community Planting Day

Council is planning to get 10,000 plants in the ground on the day to kick start the dunal building process. So come along and lend a hand. If you could circulate this through your networks that would be much appreciated.

Saturday the 23rd of November

8 – 11am

Meet at Pierce Park Alexandra Parade, Maroochydore

Don’t forget to:

• wear comfortable protective clothing

• wear enclosed footwear

• slop on some sunscreen

• slap on a hat

• bring a water bottle.

Showcase for Eco Goats 10th Oct

Click here for more details on the ECO Goat showcase 10th October 11an to 1pm in Hunchy.

Goats Flyer

Growing Beaches Forum 9th Aug

Click here for more information

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Free Plants for Schools

It’s that time again!!  Last year Free Plants For Schools had such a wonderful response from the schooling community right across the Sunshine Coast, and with Schools National Tree Day coming up on the 26th July, we thought we had better have another go at it.

Coolum Community Native Nursery is offering free native plants for Sunshine Coast Schools from 9th July, 2013.  The nursery is producing large quantities of quality local native tube stock plants, and it’s time we gave some away free of charge to our fantastic community of kids (and their parents and teachers!)

Here’s how it works:

  • A representative of the school contacts the nursery to discuss the schools local native plant needs
  • The nursery donates plants to schools as they require, especially advanced stock that is sufficient quality for enhancing school grounds
  • Plants to be collected as soon as possible (by the 31st July if possible) by the school to clear the stock from nursery
  • School reports the donation in its newsletter and other publicity material
  • School receives nursery bookmarks and “Our Locals are Beauties” brochures for promotion of the nursery and education of students, staff and parents
  • Plant quantities are subject to availability and at the discretion of nursery manager
  • Schools are welcome to purchase additional stock when they come to collect their free plants
  • Offer limited to Sunshine Coast public and private schools
  • All donations are to be as fair and reasonable and inclusive as possible, within limitations of available stock at any given time.


Jake Hazzard

Coolum Community Native Nursery Manager
157 Warran Rd Yaroomba Qld 4573
T: (07) 5473 9322
info [at] coolumnatives [dot] com

Trading Hours: Tuesday – Friday 7.30 – 3.30   Saturday 8.30 – 12.30
Open Mondays by appointment.

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Mystery Eco Safaris for June

Take an intimate drive and walk through the many stunning natural assets of the Sunshine Coast.  From the hinterland to the coast on this Mystery Eco Safari you will see our beautiful place in a way you have never seen it before.

In the company of an Environmental Scientist you will learn about the natural importance of each place we visit.  Learn about water quality and flora and fauna, identifying plants and animals that are hiding in our own backyard and how we can all make an impact on our natural environment.  Visit mountain heathlands and sub-tropical rainforests.  As an added bonus, on selected tours, a professional photographer will join us on our safari experience so any budding photographers can gain a few tips on landscape, macro and portrait photography.

Transport, morning tea and lunch are all included.

Cost:  $50pp

Time:  8.00am – 4.30pm departing from Nambour Transit Centre

Limited numbers on each tour.  RSVP essential on 07 5313 4059 or info [at] ECOllaboration [dot] org [dot] au


Thursday 6 June 2013

Saturday 15 June 2013

Thursday 20 June 2013

Saturday 29 June 2013

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Water Refills at Caloundra Music Festival

Selling refills of water to thirsty Caloundra Music Festival rockers and promoting rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle. Getting some great feedback from happy customers!
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Name Change Questionaire

Maroochy Waterwatch is currently investigating the possibility of a name change that potentially better reflects the activities that are undertaken.  The University of the Sunshine Coast has offered their services to investigate people’s perception of the possible name change by comparing the current brand with a broader brand.

 This questionnaire asks about factors that influence your perception of brand image and loyalty with Maroochy Waterwatch Inc.

Click here to access the Questionnaire Maroochy Waterwatch

Please return to Cerran Fawns, Maroochy Waterwatch, PO Box 311, Nambour Qld 4560 or email to cerran [at] maroochycatchmentcentre [dot] org [dot] au by the 14th September 2012.

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Stream Ecology Workshop 9th Sept

The workshop will provide an overview of macro-invertebrate sampling techniques and identification and why this process is important for determining the health of our waterways.

We will learn; why we monitor (overview of bioassessment), where we monitor (basic stream ecology) and how we monitor (field techniques).  We will then have a brief overview of the taxonomy and identification of macroinvertebrates and put all of this information in to conducting a SIGNAL score or a river health score.

Materials will be supplied.  Participants will be asked to be hands on – so be prepared for a little splashing about! – waders supplied.

When:  10-12noon, Sunday 9th September

Where:  Quota Park, Nambour – meet at the Rotunda area near the weir on Petrie Creek

RSVP:  Jacqui [at] maroochycatchmentcentre [dot] org [dot] au or phone 5476 4777

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Birdwing Butterfly Vine Giveaway!


The mission to bring back the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly to the coast has begun! 

With the help of Maroochy Waterwatch with support from the Buderim Foundation, you can be part of this important program.

Cerran Fawns, CEO of Maroochy Waterwatch said “The Richmond Birdwing Butterfly is one of Australia’s most impressive and beautiful native butterflies. Unfortunately, due to land clearing, changes to horticultural and agricultural practices and even the way in which we garden, has brought about the threat of extinction for this beautiful creature”.

Maroochy Waterwatch are offering free Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vines to landholders in the Buderim area to help the butterfly re-establish populations in the region.

Ms Fawns added, “All butterflies are an important part of the ecosystem, but the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly is especially important because it can indicate to us the changes that are occurring in our environment.  In recent years, their breeding habitat has been drastically reduced, as has the one plant that provides food for the caterpillars – the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vine”. 

“Unfortunately, the vine Dutchman’s Pipe often fools the butterflies as it is very similar to the Birdwing vine.  A butterfly will be fooled into laying their eggs on the leaves of the Dutchman Pipe and then the larvae are poisoned when they hatch and begin to feed”. 

“The aim of this program is to remove Dutchman Pipe and replace them with the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vine or to simply start planting the vines in your backyard”. Ms Fawns said.

Dutchman’s pipe is a declared Class 3 pest plant under Queensland legislation.

 With the assistance of the Buderim Foundation, Maroochy Waterwatch has a number of Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vines to give away to residents of Buderim.  The butterfly was once seen regularly in this area, but is sadly now a rare sight.  If you are a landholder in Buderim and you have a desire to help this beautiful species recover in the area, please contact Jacqui Smythe at Maroochy Waterwatch on 5476 4777 or jacqui [at] maroochycatchmentcentre [dot] org [dot] au

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